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Endowments, Grants, and Donations

Please support art and educational designs and publications.   Visit our Go Fund Me campaign or consider a grant or endowment to Intuitive Galleries so we can continue to provide high quality designs and publications for all venues.  Intuitive Galleries presents an eclectic array of intuitive artwork,  and publications by intuitive artist, Louisa Mastromarino.   Thank you for your generous support today.    

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Intuitive Galleries inspires to create more visionary artworks and books for children and teens.  Please assist us with our goal today.  If you should need more information about our products please phone us at 609-246-6299 or 347-631-3580. 

The highest donor until Sunday, Dec. 11, 2022 will receive an autographed copy of Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys with certificate of authenticity. 

Thank you. 

Click Below.  Thank you. 

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I always honor new and inspiring opportunities.

Let us connect.

609-246-6299 / 347-631-3580

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